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“The Adventures of Everything” by Davis

by | Aug 28, 2022

Introduction by Libby Cable of “Adventures of Everything,” a book by her grandson, Davis

Just as it was special for me to have one-on-one time with my grandparents, we love having our grandchildren with us for a few days, especially one at a time. During our six-year-old grandson’s recent visit a couple weeks ago, he decided he’d like to write a book and I was to be his willing scribe. Davis is very empathetic, so, when dark, tragic twists in his story emerged, I was taken aback. Then I remembered hearing a full generation ago about the value of fairy tales and fables even with (or especially with) the adversity that their characters face–the struggle between good and evil.

Being the confident young lad that he is, Davis inquired about how we might get his book published. I shared that I know the “higher ups” at News of Davidson and could perhaps make something work. Margo already had plans to stop by, and Davis was ready. As Margo read his book, Davis shared his thought process and the logic behind the story’s twists and turns.

Thank you, News of Davidson, for indulging a young boy and his grandmother.

Davis and his book

Libby and Davis











“Adventures of Everything”
Page 1










, Chapter 1, Page 2










Chapter 1, Page 3










Chapter 2, page 4










Chapter 2, page 5












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