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Town Sustainability Initiative Advances Streetlight Replacement

by | Oct 27, 2022

Existing streetlights in Davidson are currently being replaced on 11 major street thoroughfares with more energy efficient LED lighting.  This LED streetlight conversion project is perhaps the single most effective energy efficiency opportunity available to the town.

One key strategy identified as part of the town’s Sustainability goal in the 2022-23 Strategic Plan is to identify and pursue ways for the Town of Davidson to model desired behavior supportive of improved sustainability and environmental awareness. The Sustainability Framework also identifies the need to support renewable energy initiatives and energy efficient improvements (ex. solar, lighting, weatherization). 

The town’s conversion to light-emitting diode (LED) streetlight fixtures is beginning now on 11 major street throughfares. Utility provider Duke Energy owns the poles and will oversee the project of converting public lights on wooden poles, from conventional lighting to the more energy-efficient LED lighting. The longer lifespan of the new fixtures will yield reduced maintenance and repair costs. LED streetlights can last for decades before needing replacement.  Additionally, the new lights will use about 50% less energy than the existing conventional bulbs. This project offers a cost-savings opportunity for the town over time. 

“This conversion is a huge step forward in terms of energy efficiency which is why we’ve made it a priority and why I’m so glad to have this project underway,” said Davidson Mayor Rusty Knox. “We will continue to pursue projects that reduce our carbon emissions and promote a sustainable future.”

The town is upgrading a total of 800+ lights on wood poles and upgrading all mercury vapor lights within the next 2-3 years. This also includes all streets on the following thoroughfare list as well as some lights that are on the decorative poles.


  • Southwest Drive/Northwest Drive 
  • Griffith Street from Portside Drive to Main/115
  • Jetton Street from Northeast Drive to Potts ST
  • Beaty Street from Griffith Street to Main/115
  • Armour Street – Full length 
  • Davidson Gateway Drive – Griffith to Griffith 
  • South Street from Main/115 to Antiquity Bridge 
  • Avinger Road to The Pines retirement entrance
  • Woodland Street from Concord Road to Spring Street and Eugenia Street. 

Consistent with guidance from the American Medical Association and International Dark Sky Association—and with a balance towards energy efficiency, carbon reduction and safety—the town has selected 3000 Kelvin LED lights. Although they are slightly less efficient, the 3000 Kelvin lights are warmer and appear less bright than the typical 4000 Kelvin LED lights. The new LED fixtures use a uniformly dispersed warm white color and may appear brighter compared to the existing yellow, unevenly dispersed conventional lights.

Please note that the LED lights to be installed are not the purple lights you may have seen in other communities which generated a lot of complaints and media attention. Those lights were defective and will not be used in Davidson.

Questions? Please contact Town of Davidson’s Public Works Manager Jesse Bouk at [email protected]. For more information about the Town of Davidson’s sustainability efforts, please visit

To see a larger map, please click HERE .

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