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Frack Leads Wrestling at The Citadel Open

by | Nov 14, 2022

Frack in the Wildcats match vs. Michigan State.


CHARLESTON, S.C. – Davidson sophomore Noah Frack (149) led the Wildcats in their second tournament of the season on Sunday, going 5-1 overall and finishing in fifth place at The Citadel Open.

Three other Wildcats, Brett Sanderlin (174), Jaden Hardrick (165) and Jackson Sichelstiel (133), each advanced to the quarterfinals, while senior Gavin Henry (197) finished in sixth place.

Henry, a native of Union City, Pa., earned a 10-2 major decision over VMI’s Travis Fridley in the Consolation of 4 bracket to advance to the fifth place bout against American University’s Liam Volk-klos.

Frack won three consecutive matchups against wrestlers from Southeastern and Truett McConnell, before winning his way out of the Consolation of 4 draw with a 2:28 fall against Chattanooga’s Matthew Williams before securing fifth place with a victory over Lander University. 

Up Next
The Wildcats will return to the mats in Annapolis, Md. at the Navy Classic on Saturday, Nov. 19.

Round of 32
157Jack Nies (American) DEC Marc Koch (Davidson), 7-1
149 Noah Frack (Davidson) TF Maxwell Kauffman (Southeastern University), 15-0 5:12
141 Cole Thomas (Chattanooga) F Matthew Mclaughlin (Davidson), 2:42

Consolation of 16 #2
184 Jaquez Bostic (UN – Limestone University) MD Oliver Tipton (Davidson), 20-6
157 Marc Koch (Davidson) MD Caleb Craig (Lander University), 14-0
157 Bryson Ethington (Lander University) DEC Christian Rutherford (Davidson), 11-4
157 Daniel Yetsick (Davidson) F Aidan Lambert (UN – Newberry College), 3:37
141 Trenton Donahue (Presbyterian College) DEC Joshua Viarengo (Davidson), 8-4
141 Blake Boarman (Chattanooga) MD Matthew Mclaughlin (Davidson), 18-7

Round of 16
197 Connor Bourne (American) DEC Gavin Henry (Davidson), 6-5
184 Will Rogers (The Citadel) DEC Oliver Tipton (Davidson), 12-7
174 Benjy Haubert (The Citadel) TF Nate Stephenson (Davidson), 18-0 7:00
174 Brett Sanderlin (Davidson) MD Zane Van vleet (The Citadel), 16-6
165 Jaden Hardrick (Davidson) DEC Ryan Zimmerman (American), 11-6
157 Salvador Silva (Southeastern University) MD Daniel Yetsick (Davidson), 14-3
149 Noah Frack (Davidson) F Mason Johnson (Truett McConnell University), 0:58
141 Dillon Roman (The Citadel) MD Joshua Viarengo (Davidson), 9-0
133 Tanner Kuketz (Southeastern University) DEC Noah Burstein (Davidson), 9-5
133 Jackson Sichelstiel (Davidson) DEC Eli Knight (Chattanooga), 5-2
125 Kaden Fisher (Lander University) F Devon Diaco (Davidson), 5:30
125 Login Agin (Duke University) F Hale Robinson (Davidson), 1:50

Consolation of 8 #1
197 Gavin Henry (Davidson) F George Hopkins (Presbyterian College), 0:36
157 Daniel Yetsick (Davidson) F Breighton Flores (Truett McConnell University), 3:47
157 Thomas Snipes (The Citadel) DEC Marc Koch (Davidson), 11-7
133 Noah Burstein (Davidson) DEC Jacob Brasseur (Presbyterian College), 11-5
125 Devon Diaco (Davidson) F Trevor Borom (Southeastern University), 5:45
125 Dominic Ditomasso (Chattanooga) F Hale Robinson (Davidson), 7:00

Consolation of 8 #2
197 Gavin Henry (Davidson) DEC Nick Benton (Chattanooga), 9-2
174 Conor Becker (Duke University) F Brett Sanderlin (Davidson), 2:19
174 Thomas Sell (Chattanooga) F Nate Stephenson (Davidson), 4:40
165 Tyler Chittum (Presbyterian College) M FOR Jaden Hardrick (Davidson)
157 Nick Tattini (Duke University) DEC Daniel Yetsick (Davidson), 12-6
149 Noah Frack (Davidson) F Michael Shannon (Southeastern University), 4:35
133 Jackson Sichelstiel (Davidson) DEC Khalid Brinkley (Presbyterian College), 4-0
133 Elijah Lusk (Lander University) MD Noah Burstein (Davidson), 13-1
125 Devon Diaco (Davidson) MD Esau Bazilme (Southeastern University), 8-0

174 Stephen Kelle (Southeastern University) DEC Brett Sanderlin (Davidson), 7-2
165 Izac Martinez (Southeastern University) M FOR Jaden Hardrick (Davidson)
149 Grant Lundy (Chattanooga) DEC Noah Frack (Davidson), 6-1
133 Drake Doolittle (Duke University) DEC Jackson Sichelstiel (Davidson), 8-2

Consolation of 4
125 Maximilian Leete (American) F Devon Diaco (Davidson), 0:56
133 Elijah Lusk (Lander University) DEC Jackson Sichelstiel (Davidson), 2-0
149 Noah Frack (Davidson) F Matthew Williams (Chattanooga), 2:28
197 Gavin Henry (Davidson) MD Travis Fridley (UN – VMI), 10-2

5th Place
197 Liam Volk-klos (American) MD Gavin Henry (Davidson), 12-2
149 Noah Frack (Davidson) M FOR Jack Tangen (Lander University)

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