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Main Street Books Celebrating “Above Ground”

by | Mar 29, 2023


“I went to the store filled with water.

I went to the store, filled with water.

The store is submerged


I am crying”

Clint Smith, from “Punctuation”

Dear Reader,

We are celebratingClint Smith’s new collection, ABOVE GROUND: POEMS. On a day when it’s tempting to seek distraction from the devastating headlines, Smith’s poems coax us into the river of doubt and sadness, but they also – simultaneously – throw us a life ring.

Poet Ross Gay captures the collection’s essence with these words,

“When he makes us witness the most incomprehensibly awful (and daily) brutalities not only beside but almost in tandem with the most incomprehensibly tender (and daily) actions of care. It’s a theory, and a demand, to which I think we must pay very close attention.”


In late April, we are looking forward to an evening co-hosting poet and essayist MAGGIE SMITH for a hybrid virtual event to talk about her memoir, YOU COULD MAKE THIS PLACE BEAUTIFUL.

The virtual platform means that you long-distance followers can attend. And you should. This book is also about paying very close attention.

For those of you near Davidson, we are hosting a Watch Party. Join us in the theater at Our Town Cinemas to view and discuss together.

No matter how you attend, it’s free and we invite you to register here.

We are planning an evening rife with connection and catharsis. Of course we are.

Next, Megan Miranda returns for her newest novel, THE ONLY SURVIVORS. We have a few free tickets left for the party on Tuesday, April 18th at 7 PM at the Hurt Hub@Davidson. Register here.

Lastly for now, we look forward to the second annual Greater Charlotte Book Crawl which kicks off this weekend – Saturday, April 1st. Fill your passport with stamps and claim your spoils on Independent Bookstore Day (Sat, April 29th). Artist and former Main Street Books bookseller Lily Clark designed a fabulous sticker for your Book Crawling prize (take a peek below).

with gratitude,

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