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You Trust Us, You Really Do!

by | Apr 18, 2023

Your News of Davidson team thanks you for your support.

You should be congratulated, dear reader, because you are way, way above the curve.

Here’s why: When you click to open an email from News of Davidson, and when you hang around to read our headlines and content, you are most likely not thinking about statistical measures like “open rate,” or “time on page.”

You are unlikely to be thinking competitively at all. You are simply curious to know what’s going on in our community, taking time to read some news, a theater review, town history, advice from experts, or revel in the fabulous photography of our NOD shutterbugs.

But we, your friendly editorial staff, do think about these things. Not every minute or obsessively, no. But we need to see how we’re doing. We look at our statistics to check, and lo and behold, we see that typically, 61% of you open our emails and read our content.

Just wow.

We see this statistic as a measure of your trust. Your confidence that what NOD offers when you follow an email link will be worth your valuable time, trusting us for content of interest with no pop-up advertising. No ads, as in zero.

This feedback fills us with overwhelming pride and joy, knowing that most nonprofits would do backflips at such a number. We’re crazy proud, and we think you should be as well.

You are among the elite, and therefore, News of Davidson is too. If you would like to brighten our day even more, you can support our work with a gift.

Meanwhile, thanks for everything, dear reader, dear clicker, dear interested and curious person. We hope you’re proud.​

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