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Audiobooks for the Win

by | May 24, 2023

Adah Fitzgerald at Main Street Books


Dear Readers,

This week’s article is dedicated to the not-so-secret hack that allows us to read as many books as we do: Audiobooks! That’s right, our booksellers are nearly always reading with their ears: while driving, while walking, while loading and unloading dishwashers and dryers and carpools — you get the idea.

If your plans for the forthcoming holiday weekend involve a few hours in the car, we’d recommend queuing up an audiobook. Scroll down for some of our current recommendations as well as timely curated playlists from, our indie-friendly audiobook provider.

As a reminder, every book purchased from supports Main Street Books, especially if you choose us as your independent bookstore!

with hopes for happy listening,

the Main Street Books team

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