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Mooresville Community Children’s Theatre: “The Little Mermaid Jr” was Charming Entertainment for All Ages

by | Jul 4, 2023

(Gina Duckworth photo)

It’s no fish tale! Mooresville Community Children’s Theatre has cast 54 young thespians to take the stage, most of the time wriggling in the sea, to perform their latest show, Disney’s The Little Mermaid Jr.

“This is the largest cast I have directed at MCCT,” Director Sierra Key admits, but the kids pull it off. That’s an enormous venture!

(Gina Duckworth photo)

The set design by Annie Agresta is fantastic, giving the nautical scene a sense of reality. The fabulous costumes for all fifty-four actors are amazing—creative, colorful designs by Lisa Altieri, assisted by Carol Linn and Sara Linn. They’re gorgeous. Best of all, the lead actors have been given a wireless microphone to overcome delivery of the poor acoustics at the Charles Mack Citizen Center. Hooray! We can hear and understand every word.

Mallory Hixon as the Mermaid Ariel, swooshing her tail as she swims around the stage, leads the cast of five-to-fourteen-year-old youngsters who live in various area towns, from Statesville to Huntersville.

(Gina Duckworth photo)

When Ariel sees the churning ocean waving on and below the stage causing the human Prince Eric, played by Maxwell Rizzardi-Leazer, to fall overboard from his ship, she falls in love and wants to join him above. The Prince’s Caretaker Grimsby is portrayed by Bradley English, and his Housekeeper Carlotta is performed by Charlotte Knowles, who also plays a Gull.

Ariel bargains with the evil Sea Witch Ursula, portrayed by Kennedy Bishop, to exchange her nautical tail for human legs. Flotsam, portrayed by Claire Agresta and Jetsam, played by her sister, Noelle, tag along.

The bargain is not what it seems—Ariel is unable to express her voice, she can’t even sing. Her faithful friends from the sea scurry around to enable a rescue: Flounder, a loyal Fish played by Dean Wood, Sebastian, a lively red Crab portrayed by Nicholas Underwood, and Scuttle, the poetic Seagull, performed by Emelia Gregori.

Ariel’s ruling father King Triton, played by David Linn, is pleased!

Four Eels squirm around: Sophia Caolo, Hazel Mortensen, Mary Skogen, and Sabrina Corbin. Avynlee Howley Wood plays a Seahorse.

Six young ladies portray both roles as Mersisters and Princesses, including Lacey Barnes, Harper Walters, Norah White, Addie Degolier, Eliana Slade, and Madison Pinto.

(Gina Duckworth photo)

There are a bunch of Sea Creatures tirelessly swimming about: Mackenzie Proefrock, Zahara Alsaba, Aubrey Kowalski, Cesario Gregori, Penelope Kay, Emma Smith, Jayden Navarro, and Lacey Fortsen.

Violet Schoch, Josephine Agresta, and Hadley Lee also are Sea Creatures and play Gulls as well, along with Emma Lamphere, and Lexi Blum, who double as Chefs, along with the Pilot, played by Nash Small. Chef Louis is portrayed by the Sailor, Grayson Flowers.

Six young actors play the roles of Chefs and Sailors, including Owen Ring, Zack Massey, Carson Brumfield, Tucker Hal Shipbaugh, Tate Vidal, and Travis

(Gina Duckworth photo)


And then there is the Seaweed Chorus of the youngest troupers of the cast, clad in white tutu’s lining up at the foot of the stage. They include Annie Ring, Haya Patel, Skyla Corbin, Savannah Corbin, Susie Corbin, Corrinn Brumfield, Ava Vidal, Anna Wood, Sydney Lemmond, Ava Shonk, and Jamie White.

The Little Mermaid Jr is charming entertainment and MCCT’s production was delightful! The cast deserved the standing ovation it received every evening.










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