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Meet Steve Kaliski: Davidson Community Players’ New Executive Director

by | Jul 13, 2023

After I graduated from Davidson College in 2007, I decided to stick around town for the summer to act in a ridiculous farce called Beau Jest. Perhaps some of you remember this Davidson Community Players comedy; it abounded with mistaken identities, Passover seders gone awry, and the power of love and family. For me, as an aspiring theatre professional with an interest in experimental works, this show was a turning point. It was the first time I felt what it was like to participate in a play that brought an entire community genuine joy. Years and many strange off-Broadway productions later, my dad would still remark that it was the best thing I’d ever done.

Speaking of New York, just after Beau Jest closed, I moved to the Big Apple to pursue my artistic dreams. I spent an amazing 11 years there. I worked on 2 Broadway musicals, wrote and produced several of my own plays, got a directing MFA from Brooklyn College, and founded a theatre company. I met my wife, made wonderful friends, and got to see my beloved New York Mets play in person (though they usually lost in spectacular fashion).

Eventually, when we wanted a little more space and little less stress, we decided to say farewell to New York, and I accepted a job on the theatre faculty at Davidson College. Even though COVID drastically affected 2ish of the 5 years I’ve been here, it’s been a prolific creative time for me in the Charlotte area. I’ve done some acting and directing, helped found Charlotte Conservatory Theatre, and decided that this is the place I want to put down my artistic roots (and have my 2-year-old son eventually take to the stage; no pressure, Elliot!).

I join you all at this juncture, and I couldn’t be happier about it. Theatre has historic roots as the ultimate tool for civic engagement, and I believe DCP models what it means for a scrappy arts company to sit at the intersection of entertainment and community. Thanks to my predecessor, Matt, and a passionate, indefatigable staff, I have the great fortune of entering a healthy organization at a time in which so many theatre companies are faltering. As our world changes around us, I look forward to working with you all to ensure that DCP remains an indispensable part of this town and entire region’s cultural life. 

For the many of you I know, it’s good to be with you again. And if we haven’t met, let’s chat soon!

With gratitude and anticipation,
Steve Kaliski


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