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DavidsonLearns This Fall: It’s Not Too Late!

by | Aug 26, 2023

DavidsonLearns Executive Director Jake Jacobs welcomes lifelong learners as they come to class.


Community in lifelong learning

Registration has been brisk for courses in the Fall semester, with classes filling up quickly. But you can check DavidsonLearns right now and secure your spot in a variety of courses.

You can study award-winning films with Cold War themes, read great poets that will inspire and improve your own work, and become conversant in the ways migration can affect economic issues.

Peter Thorsheim offers more of his “Cold War on the Silver Screen,” looking this term at Mr. Jones, The Day the Earth Stood Still, Good Night, and Good Luck, Dr. Strangelove, and The Lives of Others. Movie and history buffs will enjoy these takes on Cold War events, and newbies will benefit as much or more from viewing these films in a community of adult learners.

Shyam Gouri Suresh will take students through the “Economics of Immigration,” focusing on how migration can affect income, growth, and inequality within and across countries. Migration is normal, but understanding its ramifications becomes more important as climate change and political realities cause these changes in human population to become a major global issue.

And beginning on September 5, Nora Shepherd will work with new and practiced poets as they read and examine selected poems in “The Right Word in the Right Order,” creating poems and engaging with other students about their work. Selected poets include Auden, Frost, Merwin, Balaban, Eleanor Adcock, among others.

Look for these and more opportunities for learning and friendship this fall with DavidsonLearns.


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