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Town to Begin Issuing Civil Citations in Pedestrian Safety Zones

by | Aug 31, 2023

The safety campaign decals were put in place last month, enforcement begins Sept. 5.


DAVIDSON, NC — The Town approved ordinance, Town Ordinance Sec. 70-46 designating pedestrian safety zones in areas where there is the highest concentration of pedestrian and vehicle traffic. Banners and sidewalk stickers designed with a ‘friendly owl’ have been strategically placed in town identifying pedestrian safety zones.

Pedestrian Safety markings have been place around town – some up on posts, others on the ground.

Starting Tuesday, September 5, the Davidson Police Department will begin issuing $30.00 civil citations for improper road crossings at the officer’s discretion and in accordance with Town Ordinance Sec. 70-46. This follows a month-long warning period which began Friday, August 4 – Monday, September 4 where educational materials and warnings were issued by the police department on the new ordinance.

Town Manager Jamie Justice supports this initiative, ” We want everyone to be safe. There is so much activity in these pedestrian safety zones, we ask that everyone use the approved crosswalks to avoid any more pedestrian injuries or fatalities.”       

Initially, enforcement will concentrate on two of town’s most high-volume vehicular and pedestrian areas, including an area directly impacted by past pedestrian fatalities: Main Street (from Griffith Street to Eugenia Street, near to Carrburritos) and Jetton Street (from Milkbread to Harris Teeter). Please review Ordinance Sec.70-46 for a complete list of designated Pedestrian Safety Zones in the Town of Davidson.

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