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DavidsonLearns October Classes Start Soon

by | Sep 19, 2023

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Modern Monetary Theory – Ted Amato, Begins Oct. 2

U.S. national debt? $33 trillion. Big figure. Big problem? Perhaps not as much as you might think.

Join Professor Amato as he brings an accessible layman’s explanation to the nebulous numbers that describe our economy in “Modern Monetary Theory.” Amato leads us effortlessly through the thicket of debt to the realization that mythology obscures our perception of how the government balances its bills and pays its creditors. And you’ll come to understand—perhaps for the first time—how the Fed’s manipulation of interest rates is vital to the nation’s economic health.



Creative Approaches to Land Conservation – Dave Cable, Begins Oct. 3

After exploring creative approaches to land conservation with the passionate environmentalist Dave Cable, students can spend a day at Redlair Preserve, tucked away in beautiful Gaston County and chock-full of ecologically diverse hardwood forests and pristine creeks. Home to some rare and threatened plant species unique to the Piedmont, Redlair will bring the lessons in conservation into delightful perspective.



Benito Perez Galdos – Deborah Fosberg Nelson, Begins Oct. 4

You will certainly learn about Benito Perez Galdos—the 19th-century Spanish author considered an equal to Dickens, Balzac, and Tolstoy—but you will also be immersed in the social, political, and cultural context of his era. Understanding the environment in which Perez Galdos lived and worked will bring a deeper meaning and insight to the work of this Spanish literary hero and your knowledge of 19th-century Spain.



Poetry Critique Workshop – Nora Shepard, Begins Oct. 24

Are you a poet? Whether your work is published or private, Poetry Critique Workshop offers a chance to share your drafts and hear the work of fellow creative writers. Reflect together about what is working and what you may want to re-examine. Writers are often the best and most careful readers, sensitive to the creative process in poetry.



Visit DavidsonLearns today to create your spot in an October course or two!

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