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Destined to Fly – a poem for Advent

by | Dec 13, 2023

Legs in the air looking
toward a waiting sky
I dreamed of flying
The swing was but
a moment in time…
a place to make plans
for a coming adventure

Growing up the fantasy
lost its power
The worries of tomorrow
filled my mind
with constant motion
and gone was
the hope of letting go
and soaring toward
the clouds

Then came a reminder
of a child who
offers me a chance
to journey toward
still waiting arms
that reach down
from Heaven’s longing
to hold me

“Come fly with me,”
whispers this child
whose beginnings were
so grounded that
a tired world
no longer believed
in letting go and soaring

“O child of Bethlehem
descend to us we pray”
for we are too heavy
to remember days
of wishing to reach
toward the heavens
for a moment of release

Emmanuel…God with us
So in this season of
the child
sit again in the
swing of possibility
and let Christmas
take you toward
a heaven of love
and surprise

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