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The Advent Journey: Three Poems by Jody Seymour

by | Dec 19, 2023

Who Needs Christmas?

Who needs Christmas…?
The broken hearted
looking for a
faint light

Those who lost a love
when death’s call
came too soon

All who are too full
of shopping days
but who feel empty

Smiling faces wanting
someone to thank
for so much

Busy people who get
lost in the rush
of the season

Who needs Christmas…?
All who want to believe
that a great big God
became small on
a silent night
long ago

Who needs Christmas…?
Wait in this moment…
Listen to the question
Ponder the gift
Christmas needs you


Pregnant Pause
(Mary Waiting for a birth)

Waiting for Joseph to
complete wedding plans
she found herself filled
with unexpected
joy and fear

Alone with nothing but
a pregnant pause
Mary leaned into a
promise beyond
any words of wonder

Her waiting begun on
this night of an
angel’s voice
left her hoping
that understanding would
overcome fear

Her pause was only
overcome by a
deep feeling that soon
a world longing for
a rebirth of hope
would share in her surprise

Her hands reached down
to a soon to grow
body now filled with
a long awaited promise
It was a
pregnant pause
that would change

No Surprise

A surprised maiden waiting
for a promised wedding
could barely take in
what was soon to
take her in
Mary would give birth to
God’s promise

Full of doubt a now
lost Joseph could
only wrestle with his
angel dream
But upon awakening
he was surprised
to feel his questions

But God was not surprised
for long had been
the burning desire
to become one of
his own
The arrival would be meager
but for sure
no surprise

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