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Coyote Mating Season Pet Safety

by | Feb 9, 2024

The North Carolina Wildlife Resource Commission (NCWRC) classifies this time of year as mating season for coyotes. Town of Davidson, NC — Town Hall will be sharing tips from the state as we progress through the upcoming coyote seasons.
PETS can draw the attention of these pack animals. Large dogs can be viewed as a threat or competition, while smaller dogs and cats may be viewed as a potential food source, especially in the colder months. Here are a few ways to prevent these wild animals from getting to your canine (and feline) friends.
Stay safe, Davidson!
– Never leave pets outside and unattended.
– Keep your dog on a 6-foot leash. This length is long enough to let your dog have some freedom but not so long that you can’t easily control it should the need arise.
– Avoid walking your dog in areas known to have coyote activity, especially during breeding and pup-rearing season (February – May).
– Be alert when walking your dog near sunrise and sunset. This is the time of day when coyotes are most active.
– Stick to trails and open paths and avoid areas with thick brush. Staying on the trail in open areas gives you plenty of time to spot and react to a coyote.
– Avoid feeding pets outside.
– House backyard livestock in secure and protected coops/pens.
– Consider installing a coyote-proof fence (at least six feet tall with an outward extension or a “coyote roller ” bar at the top).
If you have questions about interactions with coyotes, visit or contact the NC Wildlife Helpline, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m., at 866-318-2401 or email anytime at [email protected].

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