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There is a Place of Deep Peace: a Poem by Jody Seymour

by | Mar 30, 2024

Like a breeze whose birth
is from a far off
place where
still waters
invite weary souls
to simply wait

There is a gift for
the taking
offered only to those
whose deep need
speaks to them of
answers not found
in busy words

“Peace that the world
cannot give”
A promise first given
to tired seekers
whose troubles had
captured their
fear filled hearts

Now that promise can
be yours
From far off that
breeze comes to
those empty places
that need an
assurance not
given by a world
spinning too fast

“Peace that the world
cannot give”
The breeze speaks
your name
Receive the gift from
afar that is
now so close…

Deep Peace

Dr. Jody Seymour

Jody Seymour retired after serving Davidson United Methodist Church as Senior Pastor for 13 years and being a pastor for forty-six years in the Western North Carolina Conference. He is the author of six books and resides just outside of Davidson with his wife, Betsy.

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