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Colorful Dragons Toss Delicious Tacos Around the Stage

by | Apr 30, 2024



Ever wonder what really happens when you leave the house to run a few errands leaving your son and his playful dog alone to do homework? Some of Davidson Community Players’ Connie Company youths brought on dragons to deliver an entertaining response to that question at the Armour Street Theatre in Davidson.

Mom, portrayed by Eliza Fitzgerald urges Boy, played by Bryant Grey to complete his math homework while she goes out for a wee bit. But Boy and his bouncing Dog Leroy, energetically played by Tate Vidal, prefer instead to flip through picture books and watch TV when some colorful dragons leap off the screen. Woman in Suit portrayed by fourth-grader Paige King appears to narrate the nonsensical shenanigans that ensue in an upbeat story called Dragons Love Tacos.

Based on the best-selling book by Adam Rubin, illustrated by Daniel Salmieri, the play, Dragons Love Tacos, written by Ernie Nolan, is about dragons who love all kinds of tacos—huge tacos—itty-bitty tacos, barrels of tacos filled with meat, cheese, lettuce, and sour cream. But never with any burning-hot, spicy salsa!

Dancing and singing, the dragons cavort around the stage with Boy and Dog—playing fun, energetic, and outrageous games that eventually lead to disorderly chaos, which must be tidied up before Mom returns.

The mischievous perpetrators are Red Dragon played by Harper Santos, Yellow Dragon by Declan Winkler, Blue Dragon by Mackenzie Dee, and White Dragon portrayed by Samuel Greer.

(Ella Grace Wolfe photo)

A hearty round of applause goes to Breanna Suarez as she makes her theatre director debut with Dragons Love Tacos. Breanna, who has been performing on various Lake Norman stages over the past few years, will graduate from Davidson College on May 12 having completed her studies in theatre and education. Breanna will remain on staff with Davidson Community Players, where she has been teaching aspiring young thespians how to act.

Dragons Love Tacos is an exciting, upbeat hour of laughter. Grab your neighbor’s kids or some of your own—a grandchild or two—maybe some great-grands or a sibling who needs to be entertained this weekend. Shows may be seen at 7 p.m. on Friday, at 1 or at 4 o’clock on Saturday, and at 1 p.m. on Sunday.

You will laugh, clap, and cheer with all of them, too.



Connie Fisher

Connie Fisher, neé Consuelo Carmona, is a Davidson resident who grew up in Mexico City where she became a journalist and acquired a taste for the theatre. Her preference for work behind the scenes led to an interest in writing reviews—Yale Rep among her favorite troupes. Connie is the author of Doing it the Right Way, the biography of an Italian hatmaker. Her prose appears with 87 other international writers in The Widows’ Handbook. An active, founding member of Lake Norman Writers, Connie just released her latest book, "The Mongrel, Bi-cultural Adventures of a Latina-Scandinavian Youth," a memoir about her years growing up in Mexico.​

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