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Today Is All We Have – a Poem by Jody Seymour

by | Jun 11, 2024

Don’t look to the past
it is not there
and the future is a
wind you
cannot hold

But today is in your grasp
a gift for the holding
Caress its inviting
possibility of “now”
Do not waste its offering
It desires your
keen attention

The longing to erase
yesterday’s remorse
is a futile waste
of today’s voice
A voice of reminder,
“Stay with me”

The future is a vision
that can’t be seen
with eyes that
need to see what
is happening
so near to you

“Now” is revealing itself
to your waiting heart
Its beat can only
be heard if you
listen in the present

Now you are here…
Not behind
Not ahead
Be present
It’s all
you have​

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