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Fourth of July Pet Safety Tips

  NEWS [originally published in 2020] It is important to remember some critical safety tips for our pets over the 4th of July weekend. Pet ID & Microchips: More pets get lost of July 4th than any other day of the year. Fact. Be sure your pet has on their collar...

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The Circle of Life

    A TIME FOR PAWS Our pets go through life the same way we do – birth, youth, middle age, old age, and death. It is what they call the “Circle of Life” in the “Lion King.” One of the most common questions we receive from our clients when discussing life spans is...

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House Training Your Puppy

    A TIME FOR PAWS Let’s continue our discussion about new puppies. We talked about crate training and how it is important to protect the puppy from harm and to protect your house and favorite shoes. Well, another very important aspect to crate training is...

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Crate Training Your Puppy

    A TIME FOR PAWS Thoughts of puppies are dominating my life right now since we have a new puppy in our lives. One of our first concerns was how to address crate training. For those of you who do not know or have forgotten, crate training is essential to...

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Picking a Dog Breed

    A TIME FOR PAWS Spring represents many things to us, such as the greening of the world around us and new life. For me, since I am a veterinarian, the new life aspect to spring brings to mind all of the new puppies that I will get to see. And recently, I...

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