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The Written Word is a place for local writers to share their articles, stories, and thoughts with News of Davidson readers. Send submissions to [email protected] . Thanks!

First Taxonomies

  NEWS Of course Adam exhausted himself.He named: fig, fern, orangutan, mica, mayfly,and then— clouds, cumulus and nimbus,Aardvarks, apiaries, aphrodisiacs, applesnaming by alphabet or phylum:vegetables: rutabaga, beets, and artichoke. He turned, looked up. Eve! it’s...

Widow’s Fire

  NEWS   On dogs of tarnished brass you laid our fire—lightwood and oak piled over paper. You’d spentall morning splitting logs; in your torn red shirtyou sharpened wedges, swung the maul higher,drove the steel true to the grain. It requiresprecision to split a...

Bloody Again

  THE WRITTEN WORD So, it seems that someone out there is not happy with Jesus. One or many drove by this statue of Jesus in front of a church and threw red paint all over his welcoming stance. What they did not know is that his arms were spread for them. He knows the...

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The Written Word

by | Apr 1, 2020

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