On Saying Yes

    VOICES OF DAVIDSON Tara Cargle Ashcraft and her family have been certified as a foster family, hoping to share their home and love with children in transition. Tara writes about their choice on her blog, “Table & Tree.” Especially in this holiday...

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September 11, 2001

    VOICES OF DAVIDSON Two of our children were living in New York. When the planes hit, Robin was in a class at NYU. Wilson climbed to the roof of his Brooklyn apartment in time to see the first building fall and dropped to his knees at the...

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Why I Coach: A Personal Reminder

    SPORTS   By Kim Wayne, Head Coach, Davidson College  @DavidsonLax When I close my eyes at night, my mind races as I reflect back on the day. On game days the reflections often keep me up. What could I have changed? Was the game plan what...

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True Story

    VOICES OF DAVIDSON Family and friends roundly celebrated my recent birthday. It was a round number, after all, one of those decade birthdays that seems to carry more weight than others. As an extroverted Leo, I generally like birthdays, and I was...

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Hope from a Cave

    VOICES OF DAVIDSON (Editor's note: Voices of Davidson is a column with an intentionally wide scope, where our neighbors can share their thoughts on a range of topics. Marguerite Williams was moved to write about our shared global experience of terror and...

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Dearest Jeffrey

    VOICES OF DAVIDSON (This beautifully written article by Betsy Flagler is our inaugural post on our Voices of Davidson Column. Please send us your pieces about topics of your choice - around 500 words.)   “Nothing could stop you. Not even your best...

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