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Town Provides Lingle Hut Vandalism Update

by | Feb 17, 2022

Vandalism and illegal entering at the Lingle Hut, Reeves Temple AME Zion Church. (News of Davidson photo taken in September 2021 by Bill Giduz.)


It is the Town of Davidson’s understanding that there is renewed interest in the September 2021 report of vandalism at the Lingle Hut in Davidson. While there have been no substantive updates from Davidson Police, as the matter now rests with the Mecklenburg County District Attorney’s Office and the NC Department of Juvenile Justice, the town is able to share the information we have up to this point. Please keep in mind that, as multiple juveniles are involved, full specifics cannot be released.


The Davidson Police Department investigated a reported illegal entering of the Lingle Hut on the site and under the care of Reeves Temple.  The initial investigation was conducted by patrol and the follow-up investigation was conducted by criminal investigations’ detectives assisted by Reverend Anthony Davis and Trustees of Reeves Temple. 

The investigation began following the illegal entry of this historic building, Lingle Hut, in early September.  Reeves Temple was able to provide a video recording to investigators, but the footage does not show the illegal entry. It does show several juveniles in the area in front of Lingle Hut.  The detectives worked diligently to identify several juvenile suspects and one 18-year-old suspect from the security recordings.  A case was forwarded with a request for petition to arrest (requesting a petition to arrest is required before juveniles can be arrested) and a criminal summons was obtained for the 18-year-old individual. 


The Davidson Police Department cannot release the recordings or any further details on the investigation for two reasons:  1) Several subjects in the recordings have been identified as juveniles; and 2) The investigation is pending review by the NC Department of Juvenile Justice following the submission through the Mecklenburg County District Attorney’s Office.  Juvenile Justice will determine next actions to be taken.  This is how criminal cases involving juvenile offenders are processed now under new State statutes involving offenses committed by juveniles.


Davidson Police are continuing to monitor the progression of the case through the criminal justice system. The last direction the Davidson Police Department received from Reverend Davis and the Reeves Temple trustees was on December 27, 2021, and that direction was to file the case with the District Attorney’s Office.  That action was completed, and the lead detective contacted Reverend Davis and the trustees on January 7, 2022, advising the reports and supporting documents were filed along with juvenile petition worksheets (6) and the criminal summons was completed for the 18-year-old teenager involved.  The detective also explained the purpose and process for the documents filed.

The Magistrate set a tentative court date for the adult’s appearance on June 20, 2022. Davidson Police have not yet heard a tentative date for appearance(s) from the NC Department of Juvenile Justice, but all necessary steps have been completed by the town and the matter rests in Juvenile Justice’s hands.

As a reminder, any incident of breaking and entering, vandalism, or any other such crime on private or community property is taken very seriously by Davidson Police and is fully investigated.

Editor’s Note: News of Davidson initially covered this story in September 2021.

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