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Cutting the Cable – Part II

by | Jul 18, 2022

Even when we hit a streaming “speed bump” we were still able to watch some important TV this past weekend. This is a photo that happened to capture a transition from one camera to the next as Rory McIlroy was on the tee of the 18th at St. Andrews. [photo of our TV during the NBC Sports coverage of the 150th Open]


Last week I wrote an article about our plan to “Cut the Cable,” and the recent acquisition of a whole home 5G cube. You can read that article here.

This article is the promised initial follow up.

I included the following quote in that initial article:

“So far – so good.”

Well, we hit a couple speed bumps over the past week. And I want to share the details with all of you who read the last article.

For some reason this past weekend we started getting an error code when we tried to select our local channels. Essentially, the error code was that the program I had selected was “unavailable to watch in your current area.” I selected the option of “send feedback” every time I got the error.

We got this error code a couple of times, but still plan on “cutting the cable.”

I also diligently searched for answers but didn’t really find a solution. I checked all the data associated with our online profiles to see if something looked askew. The weird part about it was that it replaced our local Charlotte channel line up with ones from Columbia, SC. Today, things are back to “normal” and the local Charlotte channels are available and accessible.

All that being said – we still plan to cut the cable within the next few days. The challenge of occasionally not being able to access local channels, when balanced with cutting the bill in half is worth it.

The biggest thing that we would use local TV channels for is emergency weather alerts. We already downloaded weather apps, so we feel like we have that covered. If we miss something on a local channel, we can always watch it online.

We haven’t had any interruptions in our internet service over the past 2+ weeks. We have had multiple Zoom meetings going on at the same time.

In the past week, we also received our latest cable bill. Here’s the summary of that bill –

Packaged Services

$183.95 – Digital warp speed – access to over 300 channels, interactive program guide, continuous choice, pay-per-view and 50 channels of music choice, and warp speed broadband.


Local Broadcast Fee (Residential)                   $19.97

Regional Sports Fee                                          $5.00

Whole home gateway player                         $23.98

All-in-one whole home gateway                    $29.99

(Includes your modem, cable card, robust wireless internet access and interactive guide)

Total video:                                                     $78.94


“RET SVC CREDIT X12MO -$30”                      ($30.00)

“RET SVC CREDIT X12MO -$35”                      ($35.00)

“RET SVC CREDIT X12MO -$15”                      ($15.00)

Total General                                                  ($80.00)

My editorial note – this is where $80 is evidently magically taken off my monthly bill. I can find no reference to any percentage of any kind or reference to what part of my bill has this “service credit.”

Taxes & Fees

Sales & use tax                                                $5.74

State Tax                                                         $3.48

Total                                                                $9.22


Our total bill this month was $192.11. And based on my assumption – our bill would be going up to $272.11/month once those “Service Credits” expire in the coming months. Additionally, we had already disconnected “the cable” in our guest rooms as the cost for outlets in our home. Those TVs have been reconnected to take advantage of this new connection.

As a reminder, the monthly YouTubeTV subscription is $64.99/month. The monthly fee for the 5G cube is $55.00. I’ll round that up to $120.00/month.

The math works for me.






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