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A Time for Paws: Dental Health in Your Pets

  NEWS ​Many years ago, when I graduated from veterinary school, we did not think much about dental disease in dogs and cats. We certainly did not study it in school. The issue only came up when someone’s pet got an abscessed tooth or had a tooth that was about to...

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Davidson and the Polydactyl Pups

  NEWS   Editors' Note: We want to thank Dr. Rose Stremlau for her help in compiling this article, and for all the work she does on behalf of our canine friends. Despite being the home of the Wildcats, Davidson is also a very dog friendly community. There is a...

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A Time for Paws: A Puppy for Christmas?

  NEWS Are Christmas puppies a good gift idea? Certainly, there are lots of factors to take into account before we can give a definitive answer to this question. So, let’s start delving into what some of the areas we should consider before we make this decision. The...

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