Yaupon Holly

GREEN AND GROWING ​   November is the time to buy and plant yaupon holly (Ilex vomitoria). Yaupon is one of the most versatile native plants in use, having several cultivars that grow in a variety of useful habits, from small, dense shrubs similar to boxwood to...

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Landscaping with Junipers

    GREEN AND GROWING Junipers (Juniperus, spp.) are among the most versatile and hardiest landscape plants. This genus is represented by more than 50 species and hundreds of cultivated varieties, many of them native to the U.S. East coast. The tallish evergreen tree...

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Help! I’ve Got Ants

  GREEN AND GROWING This may not be a bad thing. Ants are both predators and prey. They eat the eggs of many insect pests and serve as food for birds, lizards, and other beneficial critters. Their tunnels aerate the soil as much as earthworms and allow water and...

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Cankerworm Wars: Stand Down

    GREEN AND GROWING I am declaring victory in the ongoing war against the fall cankerworm. Residents of Mecklenburg county have fought this arboreal pest for twenty-five years. It seems that we can now rest until a new   infestation arrives. This April marks the...

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Starry, Starry Lawns

    GREEN AND GROWING There was time, before chemical lawn treatments became the norm, when lawns throughout North Carolina were decorated with white to dark blue flowers. They belong to the Spring star flower, ipheion uniflorum. Our predecessors planted these small...

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