Go Plant a Tree

    GREEN AND GROWING We’ve sprung forward into spring and daylight savings time.  Now, it’s tree savings time—the second-best time of the year to plant trees (late fall is best). We may think we know how to plant a container grown tree, but the old techniques...

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Erosion Control

GREEN AND GROWING To control soil erosion, a gardener must think like an engineer. Erosion begins with rain falling from miles above the earth, hitting bare earth, and detaching soil particles. The detached soil particles are lifted and transported by the run-off....

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A Short, Sweet Guide to Pruning

GREEN AND GROWING Many gardeners no sooner put their leaf blowers away than they yearn to bring out their pruning shears. This urge should be resisted until February. Even then, the would-be pruner should first answer this basic question: “Why am I pruning?” Pruning...

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Cankerworm Attack – Fight Back!

NEWS Fall cankerworm caterpillars attack in the April; now is the time to fight back. Looking like small green or brown inch worms, these creatures feed on the leaves of several species of popular deciduous trees, but particularly willow oaks. No one knows why...

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Lawn Rejuvenation

GREEN AND GROWING As the temperatures start to cool in August, many homeowners think of renovating their lawns. Most of us know in our bones that lawns soak up more labor, money, water and chemicals than any other aspect of our landscaping or gardening and react by...

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